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The Book App Appliance Featured Book App - January 2015

Nighty Night Construction Trucks

by Alexis H. Purcell

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About: Nighty Night Construction Trucks:

The construction trucks are tired and sleepy after a long day of work on the construction site. This story invites the child to help the trucks go to sleep by tucking them in and wishing sweet dreams to the little kitty.

The background music is engaging yet soothing enough to ready your child for a cozy night’s sleep. Those not quite yet ready to fall asleep can enjoy the “matching the truck” activities at the end of the app.

VROOM and ZOOM with mighty and might, all day long they’ve worked hard on the site. 

It’s the end of the day; the sun’s not as bright,  the whistle TOOT TOOTS, it’s time for goodnight.


This book was inspired by the children in my neighborhood, my “biggest fans”. Whenever our community would gather together, or simply when out on evening walks, I would hear from parents how much the kids enjoyed putting the animals to sleep in my previous app (Twinkle Twinkle Nighty Night) as part of their nightly bedtime routine.

“This has made going to bed much more enjoyable for the kids and they feel so calm and comforted before slumbering off to sleep. It’s especially sweet that they also say goodnight to Alexis/the author at the end of the app.”

Repeatedly the kids would ask me to write more books where they could “help” put others to bed. I think they felt a new found responsibility as part of their nightly bedtime routine!

I live in California where we’ve been in a drought for quite a long time which provided many opportunities for the neighborhood kids to play in the dirt with construction trucks, building, scooping, moving things around, etc. While watching them one day I saw how dirty they and the trucks were and I thought it would be cute to create story where they could bathe the trucks and put them to sleep after a long day of “work”….so that’s what I did! The little girls in the neighborhood really like the “girl” construction trucks, and the one with lipstick.  “It’s my favorite color, pink” said one of the little girls.

WHY KIDS (and parents) LOVE THIS APP

This is a sweet and simple construction themed bedtime story, incorporating a bedtime routine with the trucks that is fun and familiar to kids. Its truck theme is a hit with kids around 5 and younger. The story changes pace, light dims and a lullaby plays as bedtime nears.

As a bonus it includes a memory matching game with the trucks from the story and a “match the truck with the name” game.

This book has a rhyming storyline, text highlighting, and fun interactive illustrations. It includes both read to me and read to myself options that allow children to follow along and learn new words while they work on their reading skills. There are additional words that are highlighted so children can tap them and hear the narrator read them aloud which helps children add new words to their vocabulary.

Easy to use interface, narration options, arrows at the bottom of each page, indicators that notify readers when there is an interactive image to explore, this app is very intuitive. Children are going to especially love the real life sound effects of rocks falling and trucks tooting along as they finish their work for the night.