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​Joey the Turkey is sad.  He has forgotten how to gobble and needs help from his friends.

This is a perfect children's book to teach kids about friendship and how friends will always be there when you need them.  It is also a fun way to teach animals sounds to children.

Kids will gobble up this funny story about Joey's barnyard friends: Ruby the rooster, Patrick the dog, Minnie-moo the cow,
Wiskers the cat, and Gillie the turkey and their hilarious ways they try to teach Joey how to gobble.
Are they successful? Does Joey learn how to gobble again? Read and find out!

The Turkey Who Forgot How To Gobble app is available for the iPhone and iPad in the Apple store in iTunes and as a soft cover book on Amazon.com.  Available in English and Spanish.

--Ranked #1 in paid book apps in the Apple store in iTunes November 2014.  -->
--Winner of the 2013 Educapp Award.
--Selected app for inclusion in the Crayon Kiosk iPad stand in libraries.
--Voted as one of the "TOP APPS OF THE WEEK",   iHeartThisApp.com
--Award winner: 2nd place for the skit version of the children's book, 
2013 Marin County Fair
   "Overall, this is a delightful app, highly recommended." Digital-Storytime.com 

    "This app is a delightful way to talk to your children about friendship, working hard, perseverance and most of all 
that friends will be there when you need them.  It is also fantastic that the app is available in Spanish so you can practice with your children."  TheiMums.com

   Teacher recommended and used in speech-language pathology curriculum as a way to teach animal sounds to kids.
   "This story is really cute...my preschoolers loved this book.

The best part is the animals will make their animal sound when pushed on the iPad.  The kids loved doing this."   Letstalkslp.blogspot.com 






This  app is beautifully illustrated and contains the following options:
        » English or Spanish
        » Read to me/read to myself
        » Easy page navigation
        » Music on/off 

In English and Spanish...all in the same app!

The Turkey Who Forgot How To Gobble

Available online in the Apple App Store and Amazon App Store

2013 Educapp Award Winner

 "the highest honors in education through book app design"

Available online on Amazon.com

In English and Spanish.

» Entertaining for kids and fun to read aloud.
» Beautifully illustrated children's picture book with cute and adorable animals​