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Privacy, our promise to you......

At Twinkle Twinkle Books we strive to bring smiles and joy to kids through our children's books and interactive storybook apps in the Apple store in iTunes, Amazon, and GooglePlay.

Our storybooks and interactive apps in the Apple store in iTunes are developed and designed using "best practice standards" with privacy in mind.

Our apps: 
   -Do not include analytics 
   -Do not collect or share any personal data 
   -Do not contain in App Purchases for additional content 
   -Do not contain ads 
   -Do not contain Social Network Integration

​We care about parents and kids enjoying technology together and are committed to tell you how our apps work, so you know what to expect.

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We are proud to be a member of the "KNOW WHAT'S INSIDE" program that supports apps made especially for children.

The KNOW WHAT's INSIDE™ program.....a model for best practices in privacy and transparency for kids’ apps

The KNOW WHAT'S INSIDE™ logo is a signal to parents that the app is designed with privacy in mind.

The KNOW WHAT'S INSIDE™ program means:
    -The app is made especially for children
    -The app maker maintains a clearly written and displayed privacy policy
    -The app explains the features of the app, so parents know what to expect
    -The app maker is informed about the latest privacy regulations and industry best practices    
    -The app maker is a member of ACT, an industry association supporting education, tools, and guidance in the field of information